Meet the winners of the eMadrid Awards 2021

The eMadrid network, within the framework of the call for R&D Programmes in Technologies 2018, has selected the winners of the eMadrid Awards 2021, all of them authors of works whose theme is totally or partially related to research or development of educational technologies. We would like to thank all the candidates who have participated in this edition for their efforts and highlight the quality of the works presented. 

Keep on reading to find out who are the winners in each category

  • Best PhD Thesis: 

Winner: Pedro Manuel Moreno Marcos, for «Learning analytics for prediction in heterogeneous educational settings».

Second prize: Antonio Calvo Morata for «Use of Learning Analytics techniquess for the validation, improvement and application of serious games in the classroom applied to cyberbullying»; José Miguel Mota Macías, for «Method for the design, deployment and evaluation of extended educational scenarios using visual programming»; and Ishari Amarasinghe, for «The orchestration of computer-supported collaboration scripts with Learning Analytics».

  • Best Master's Thesis:

Winner: Laura Barbón García  for «Design and development of a Unity 3D application based on motion sensors to facilitate the pre-briefing of simulation practices in dentistry».

Second prize: Alberto Casas Ortizfor «Capturing, modelling, analyzing and providing feedback in martial arts with AI to support psychomotor learning activities ».

  •  Best Final Degree Project:

Winner: Jon Echeverría San Millán, for «Design, development and evaluation of the KUMITRÓN system to monitor Karate combat that synchronizes aerial images with physiological and inertial signals».

Second prize: Pedro Antonio Martínez Sánchez, for «Analysis of activity, difficulty and knowledge in educational games»

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