Baltasar Fernández-Manjón receives the Most Cited Paper Award at EDUCON

{Madrid, May 18, 2020} The researcher of the eMadrid network, Baltasar Fernández-Manjón, professor at UCM and director of the e-UCM research group, is to be congratulated. IEEE EDUCON 2020 has decided to award him, along with Javier Torrente, Ángel del Blanco, Eugenio J. Marchiori, Pablo Moreno-Ger with the Most Cited Paper Award. A recognition they receive, specifically, for "Introducing educational games in the learning process", which was presented at EDUCON2010.

The award-winning article addresses
the barriers that are limiting the integration of games in the learning process and propose approaches to tackle them. The result of this work is the <e-Adventure> platform, an educational game authoring tool that aims to make of video games just another educational tool at the disposal of the instructors.

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