Madrid welcomes the 5th LWMOOCS Conference, «MOOCs for all: a social and international approach»

Madrid will host the 5th LWMOOCS (Learning with MOOCs) Conference next september (26, 27 and 28), a meeting that until now had always been organized in the Unites States. This educational event around massive open online courses (MOOCs) aims to achieve greater international and social projection, under the umbrella of the largest engineering association in the world, the IEEE.

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The development of the massive and open online courses (MOOCs) is reaching a maturity in the areas of higher education, as well as inside the recognition of the techniques on which they are based at a professional and business level, continuing with new challenges such as the master's degrees based on MOOCs courses or, in the future, complete degrees based on these courses as well. Its openness to all, its independence from the previous level and its educational and knowledge transmission character have allowed most educational institutions to have a presence, in one way or another, in this type of international cours

The fifth edition of the LWMOOCS congress will be held on 26, 27 and 28 September in Madrid, until now it has always been organised in the United States: its debut, in 2014, was in Cambridge (MA, USA).), with the support of the edX platform and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); in 2015 New York led this event, under the supervision of Columbia University; Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania hosted the third edition in 2016; and Austin and the University of Texas took over in 2017.

In 2018 the congress was given to the IEEE Education Society to gain international projection and take advantage of the synergies with the largest engineering association in the world (IEEE), following the highest quality standards in the holding of congresses, promoted by this association in all its events. This year the Congress presentations will be published for the first time in the IEEE Xplorer repository.

«We would like to emphasize the character of this fifth congress, its social and international dimension, as well as the high interactivity of the sessions, more than half of the time is dedicated to exchanging opinions. This leads to the opening of an enriching debate after each session, which allows us to deepen our understanding of the contents», said Manuel Castro, professor at the UNED and IEEE Fellow, and Edmundo Tovar, professor at the UPM, both organizers of the Congress and members of the eMadrid network. This research network in educational technologies has a very active role in the event thanks to the participation of some of its members such as its coordinator, Carlos Delgado Kloos, professor at UC3M and responsible for the program of the Congress; Elio Sancristobal (UNED), Rosa Cabedo (UPM), Pedro Muñoz Merino (UC3M), Ruth Cobos (UAM) and Sergio Martín, from UNED. 

«We will have Anant Argawall (CEO of edX and one of the founders of the Congress) among the speakers, as well as Class Central, Future Learn, the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Berkeley, Galileo University, EADTU... and more than fifty contributions from educational institutions and companies from all over the world», continue the organizers.  

Who may be interested in this event?

  • Students interested in the future of mass applications and knowledge in education and technology
  • Professionals who participate in mentoring or training processes in their centres or who are interested in implementing them using MOOCs
  • Teachers of both higher education and lifelong learning, segments in which these types of activities and courses fit together perfectly
  • Training managers in companies, higher education centres or educational institutions who are looking to share their experiences and acquire new insights into applications at an international level.


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