Educational On-line Tournament on Free Software with a Tool Created by eMadrid

On June 11th an on-line education tournament on the topic of free software using a tool created by the project eMadrid at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos will begin. This tool, called FLEQ, automates the organization of trivial on-line championships and is offered as free software (for download) or as a web service (so teachers can organize their own tournaments without having to install anything).

The tournaments consist of several matches between students, according to the chosen tournament system (league, crosses, Swiss system). In each match two players compete to answer first a series of questions asked by FLEQ. The participant who correctly answers first ten questions wins the game. At the end of the championship, the one who has won most games wins the championship.

Feel free to participate in this tournament on free software (inSpanish) or to organize more tournaments yourself for your students. More information.

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