eMadrid in the IEEE EDUCON 2013

The fourth edition of the IEEE EDUCON, to be held in Berlin (Germany) from 13 to 15 March 2013, will host this year a new session promoted by the eMadrid Network. The six talks included in this session will be clustered under the title “The Power of Analytics to Engage and Guide: Experiences at the eMadrid Excellence Network”. These conference will be about several aspects of the enforcement of web analytics to online and open education. This session is held Thursday 4th in the morning and is also a contribution of the eMadrid Network to the Open Education Week 2013. Its complete content can be seen here.

The talks of the eMadrid Network partners will be focused on the amount of data provided by the tools that are used in the online educative interaction, as well as its further analysis and information processing in order to reformulate the educational process. In addition to this , eMadrid members are involved in several committees of this event. Furthermore, the presence within the program is completed with representatives of the UNED and UPM groups in eMadrid that co-sign some other contributions.

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