UNESCO Chair Seminar on “Technologies for online education”

On December 2, the next UNESCO Chair Scalable Digital Education for All Seminar on “Technologies for online education” will be held at the Leganés Campus of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. This seminar will focus on the use of web technologies in the context of digital education.

In particular, a topic of great interest will be addressed as is the teaching and learning of programming through visual tools for both children and teenagers (prior to coming to the university) and adults (especially those that have a business idea and want to develop applications themselves in an easy way). With this purpose, José Domínguez (MIT) will present successful cases on the use of a specific visual tool, APP Inventor, exploring how it is possible to foster creativity and computational thinking in students through games and mobile apps.

But we shall not forget that the role of technology and specifically the Web in society and education today is largely due to the existence of organisms that drive their development, such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Thanks to standards promoted by W3C our browsers are more and more powerful and functional, making everyday actions such as accessing news or having a video conference easier. Antonio Olmo Titos is part of W3C systems team and will talk about HTML5 and the role this W3C standard plays in scalable education and MOOCs.

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