Conference of the Telefónica-Complutense Chair of Digital Education and Serious Games

The next Tuesday November 22 2016, The Telefónica-Complutense Chair of Digital Education and Serious Games will organize a conference whose main motto will be "Serious Games: a professional future in the world of video games". In this day, the attendees will have the opportunity to know what is beyond the games for recreational purposes and will be able to know more about the formative games of the hand of the main companies dedicated to the sector of the serious games.


  • 9:00 Reception and registration
  • 9:15 Opening
  • 9:30 The chairs as an instrument of university collaboration
    • Fabian García Pastor (Red de Cátedras Telefónica)
    • Baltasar Fernández Manjón (Director Cátedra Telefónica- Complutense)
    • Presentation of scholarships Talentum Mood
  • 10:00 Gamelearn: Serious games for company training
    • Jorge Salvador, Cesar Martín,
  • 10:30 Juegos de Salud: Serious games in the medical field
    • Carlos Mateos, COM SALUD,
  • 11:00 Café
  • 11:30 Voluntechies: Virtual reality for hospitalized children
    • Francisco Rojo,
  • 12:00 Roundtable of companies: How to create a video game company and not die in the attempt
    • Pedro González, Padaone Games
    • David Rioja,
    • Federico Peinado, UCM
    • Ignacio Vázquez, Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid
  • 13:30 New educational and open initiatives: MOOCs y MiriadaX
    • David Carabantes, UCM
    • Ángel González, Telefónica Educación Digital
  • 13:50 Cierre de la jornada


Sala de Grados de la Facultad de Informática de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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