«Skills for positive digital living with video games»




Jorge Flores Fernández


The challenges of digital life require a different development of our skills. If we talk about «online living», concepts such as digital citizenship, privacy, emotional management and empathy acquire special relevance. During this presentation, PantallasAmigas will show case studies of some of the video games it has produced and used to raise awareness among students aged 11 to 16.




23_02_2018 Seminario eMadrid sobre «Tecnología y juegos serios para abordar la violencia en la escuela» from eMadrid net on Vimeo.

Author's biography

Jorge Flores Fernández


PantallasAmigas' founder & director. Degree in Computer Science from Universidad de Deusto. Planner and author of several campaigns, publications and teaching materials related to the safe and healthy use of ICT, with special emphasis on grooming, cyberbullying, sexting, sextortion and gender cyberviolence. Jorge also carries out an intense informative and formative work, with more than a hundred conferences given in national and international specialized forums.



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