«ICTs aimed at supporting people on the autism spectrum: lessons learned from COVID-19»




Yussy Chinchay


People with special needs were particularly affected by the restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak. The shift to online education and the disruption of routines created a complex scenario for people with autism spectrum disorder. In this seminar, we will analyze the performance of ICTs in online learning, remote assistance and the daily lives of people with ASD throughout COVID-19, identifying the benefits and challenges of assistive technology exposed by the pandemic. . Additionally, we will examine how to improve technology to make it accessible to people on the spectrum, especially in similar crisis scenarios where in-person interactions are not possible.).




Yussy Chinchay

Yussy Chinchay is part of the Teaching and Research Staff of the Department of Computer Engineering at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Currently, she is a member of the Group of Advanced Interactive Tools (GHIA) and is developing her doctoral thesis on educational and support technologies for people with special needs. Yussy has a previous experience of 8 years in the technology consulting sector; She stands out in her last years as Team Leader in international projects under mobile technologies.

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