«Environmental awareness and use of IoT technologies»




Carlos Gilarranz and Mariano Sánchez


The TEASPILS project is based on creating environmental awareness with plants as the main axis and everything that surrounds it, what is commonly referred to as "green", in such a way that it serves to educate young people and teachers towards learning spaces more and more ecological.

Awareness of environmental problems will be promoted in an educational context, taking into account broader factors that affect all citizens worldwide, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. , putting our grain of sand in indoor and outdoor urban environments and how we can, through technology, make a more sustainable world, from the most immediate that we can do on a day-to-day basis in the environment in which we live, such as analyzing the effects of plants in classrooms, offices, homes and public spaces, which until now these small actions have been underestimated, but which represent the daily life of the people who are part of this planet. The aim of this project is to lay the foundations for much broader protective attitudes of the natural and artificial flora (and fauna). This is why it will be possible to improve awareness of the positive effects that plants have on the climate, as well as the environmental well-being of our planet.


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Carlos Gilarranz

Engineer within agricultural technologies and current professor at the UPM in the School of Agronomic, Food and Biosystems Engineering, lover of the green, as well as the technification that in this rural world, is being carried out, which It is commonly known as “digitization of agriculture” or also known as “precision agriculture”. From the point of view as President of a professional College, that of the Agricultural Technical Engineer of the Center, he also obtains a vision of what society is currently demanding when dealing with colleagues who share the profession. This vision of University and Professional College makes continuous training a fundamental pillar in the life of any engineer and thus be able to satisfy a real and not invented need, in such a way that professionals are the best prepared in this world more and more technological in which we live.

Mariano Sánchez

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