«IoT as a vector of digitization of SmartUniversity to generate healthier and more resilient spaces»




Juan Antonio Rodríguez Rama


That the world panorama is immersed in a new industrial revolution is undeniable, digitization and concern for sustainability have come to stay and are transforming all previous paradigms. Universities must adapt so that they and their graduates are in the front line together with companies and society. Undoubtedly, campuses are perfect fields of experimentation at the scale of the needs and solutions that humanity will need.

Our project was born as an experiment more than 5 years ago. With the support of the ETSIME-UPM and being part of the Group Monitoring of RES2 + U and UESEVI of the UPM, we were able to implement projects and our own tools in order to be able to make decisions based on real data, allowing a real dialogue between the ETSIME-UPM spaces and their managers. We have the luxury of studying and working in historically protected spaces and the duty to protect and empower them for current and future generations. That is why at Tellus-AulaEnergia we have worked all this time to cover aspects such as the development of a secure, stable and resilient IoT network that would allow it to be scalable to easily adapt to the multiple needs of the Center from a single tool, taking advantage of the potential of platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Lolines ESP32, added to low cost sensors that provide total control and understanding of their operation and powered by their own programming based on C and Python. 

As a result of all this, projects such as MESEME and MESEME + have been developed; for environmental monitoring of the underground galleries in our Mine Museum, El Palomar; environmental station in the heart of Chamberí, SmartHeritage ETSIME-UPM; It supports the conservation of the heritage of the historic library and CanarIoT, which allows the School to be equipped with a CO2 monitoring system to fight COVID19 in its most critical spaces.


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Juan Antonio Rodríguez Rama

Geological Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, currently a student of the doctoral program Research, Modeling and Analysis of Risk in the Environment of this university. He is a project coordinator at Tellus-AulaEnergia and a member of RES2 + U, UESEVI and the Group for Educational Innovation in Numerical Simulation of the ETSIME-UPM. With extensive experience in university communication and scientific dissemination, being the Head of Social Networks at ETSIME-UPM for more than 10 years, he collaborates with the Spanish Environment Club and the Geomadriles blog and has coordinated national and international events at ETSIME- UPM.

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