Eye-tracking Techniques and Methods in e-Learning Environments




Aleksandra Klasnja-Milicevic 


The research on eye movements has spread along with advances in eye-tracking technology and psychological theory on the relationship between eye behaviour and cognitive processes. This talk presents successful methods, measurements and rules intended for investigation how eye movements could be related to cognitive processes during learning and tasks solving. Several opportunities and contemporary challenges will be considered, facing with the implementation of eye-tracking technologies and methods in the context of education. Eye-tracking can be used to observe user behaviour to adapt content presentation in real-time, to identify a method by which real-time psychopathological response data can be collected, analysed, and implemented without compromising the learning experience. Adapting the presentation of learning material to the specific student’s characteristics is useful to improve the overall learning experience and learning styles can play an important role in this purpose. The possibility to distinguish Visual and Verbal learning styles from gaze data will be presented through a case study.



Author's Biography

Aleksandra Klasnja-Milicevic

Aleksandra Klašnja-Milićević holds the position of Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. She joined the graduate program in Computer Sciences at Faculty of Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, the University of Novi Sad in 2003, where she received her M.Sc. degree (2007) and Ph.D. degree (2013). Her research interests include e-learning and personalization, educational technology, learning analytics, technology-enhanced learning and recommender systems. Aleksandra has led or actively participates in national and international research projects to develop educational technology and research its impact on learning environments. She currently teaches programming courses and manages a project for Adaptive Web-based System at Australian Institute of Higher Education, in Sydney. She is a member of the editorial board of the KES Journal and Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence. She is author of a university textbook, monograph, and more than 50 research papers published in high-ranked international journals or conferences.


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