«Introducing Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals at School Through Hands-On Activities»




Juan David Rodríguez García


In this talk we will present a constructionist-based strategy aimed at introducing the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in K-12. To this end, we will use LearningML, an educational platform developed by our research group and aimed at building Machine Learning models and coding Scratch applications that incorporate these models. This strategy helps foster learning through hands-on activities. 



Author's Biography

Juan David Rodríguez García

I am currently working on Computational Thinking (CT) skills development through practical Artificial Intelligence activities. I have started exploring how Machine Learning (ML), one of the most used techniques in current AI applications, can be taught at school. To do this, I am developing an educational tool (http://learningml.org) designed to easily build ML models that can be used in Scratch programs. 


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