«Applying Learning Analytics in Living Labs for Educational Innovation»




Tobias Ley


The use of learning analytics in primary and secondary schools is still mostly in piloting stages and not systematically integrated into school and teaching practices. We have developed a Living Labs methodology (called edulabs) that aims to support the systematic introduction of educational innovation in the classroom. A learning analytics approach is integrated into this methodology to enable stakeholders to gather evidence about the success of implementation. I demonstrate the use of the learning analytics toolbox that helps teachers understand engagement in the math classes, or project activities during science classes. I close with a perspective on cognitive learning analytics that allows to diagnose student's cognitive constraints during inquiry learning activities. Together, these examples combine into a theory-guided and stakeholder-driven application of learning analytics in secondary schools.



Author's Biography

Tobias Ley

Tobias Ley is a Professor of Learning Analytics and Educational Innovation at Tallinn University (Estonia). He heads the Center of Excellence on Educational Innovation, a university-wide interdisciplinary research center that contributes to creating innovations in teaching and learning in schools, universities and for lifelong learning. Tobias holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Graz (Austria). He has led numerous national and EU research projects to develop digital technology and research its impact in workplace learning, higher and vocational education. His work is published in over 100 scientific publications and has earned him an outstanding paper award (Journal of Knowledge Management) and a best interdisciplinary paper award (European Conference on Technology-enhanced Learning). Tobias is a member of the editorial board of the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies. He received a European award for research excellence in vocational education and training in 2018, and the Estonian state award for research in 2020.

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