«Opening Education with Artificial Intelligence»




Mitja Jermol


Artificial intelligence technologies are being successfully used in various domains like smart cities, factories of the future, autonomous vehicles, personalized retail and shopping, intelligent networks, smart media, cybersecurity, military and many more but only few have been implemented widely in the area of education. In this lecture we will discuss the potentials that AI is bringing into education, enabling education that could be open, global, personalized, inspiring, un-obstructive, accessible to everyone. A responsive educational and social environment that follows and supports each particular individual either being a student/learner or a teacher/mentor, using the vast amount to knowledge, expertise, competences, information, content, educational services, systems and infrastructure available globally. Lecture will be supported with various real AI solutions developed at Jozef Stefan Institute enabling multi-modal and multilingual content understanding, user modelling, learning personalization with learning path construction, competency calculation and assessment, micro credentials and a global learning general AI.



Author's Biography

Mitja Jermol

Mitja Jermol is UNESCO Chair holder for Open Technologies for Open Educational Resources and Open Learning and the head of the Centre for knowledge Transfer at the Jozef Stefan Institute, the national research institute in Slovenia. He is also a Chief Project Officer at the first International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence under auspices of UNESCO, being responsible for projects that are addressing global challenges related to SDGs with AI. Mitja has a long track record in setting up and managing international RTD projects involving AI in Smart Cities, Circular Economy, Environment, Intelligent Transport, Smart Energy Grids, Factories of the Future, Cyber Security, Technology Enhanced Learning, Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence. Mitja is a member of the management teams of Knowledge4All Foundation, AI4Good Foundation, MyMachine Global.

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