«Open Educational Resources for Improving Teaching and Learning Experience in Secondary and Higher Education»




Marina Marchisio


OERs, in particular Open Online Courses, represent an opportunity for enhancing success of students and for professional development of teachers of Secondary Schools and Universities. They can improve the teaching and the learning experience and facilitate the transition to the new paradigms of teaching after the recent Covid-19 crisis. In the seminar will be discussed also some positive experiences implemented by University of Turin in order to face the new challenges and to have suggestions for the university educational policies for the future.


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Author's Biography

Marina Marchisio

Marina Marchisio is a full professor of Complementary Mathematics at the University of Turin and Delegate of the Rector for the development and promotion of the University's Digital Education strategies. Her research is focused on learning and teaching Mathematics and scientific disciplines with digital methodologies and innovative technologies. She coordinates the DELTA - Digital Education for Learning and Teaching Advances - Research Group of the University of Turin. She is a member of the Problem Posing and Solving working group of the Italian Ministry of Education. She coordinates several research and didactic projects, held and organized numerous conferences, and is the author of several publications on Digital Education.  

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