«Theory, technique (and some case-study) of neurocommunication»




Ubaldo Cuesta


Ubaldo Cuesta will explain the psycho-physiological bases of neurocommunication and will describe the most frequent techniques, showing the software and hardware tools of the UCM neurocommunication laboratory (NeuroLabCenter.com). Finally, he will present concrete cases developed in the laboratory applied to education.



Author's Biography

Ubaldo Cuesta

Ubaldo Cuesta has a PhD in Psychology and he is Full Professor of Communication Psychology at the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is currently director of the Department of Communication Theories and Analysis. His interest is focused on the study of cognitive and psychosocial processes from the methodology of neurocommunication. He founded the Neurocommunication Laboratory at the UCM, where he develops basic and applied research with a multidisciplinary team in the field of persuasion, education and health (communication and health, prevention, etc.). He is director of the Journal of Communication and Health and of the Magazine Pensar la Publicidad.

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