«Validation support for serious games with SIMVA and TxMon»




Iván Martínez-Ortiz


Serious games are a useful and effective tool to teach and educate in class. However, their use is still limited in part because it is difficult to demonstrate their effectiveness and apply them in class. Validation requires a formalized study that is usually carried out using pre-post questionnaires, learning analytics, or both. On the other hand, both the preparation of the game sessions and the execution of them can be somewhat chaotic when trying to analyze the work that students are doing during the session. After the experience of validation and use of serious games, the e-UCM group has developed the SIMVA and TxMon tools that provide help in the validation and deployment of serious games in the classroom.



Author's Biography

Iván Martínez-Ortiz

Iván Martínez-Ortiz is an Associated Professor at the Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, UCM, where he exercises teaching and research tasks. His research interests are focused on educational innovation through new technologies, with special attention to educational modeling languages, domain-specific languages applied to education, and the use of video games and other interactive materials for educational purposes and learning analytics. He has published more than 50 academic articles on this subject. Dr. Martínez Ortiz is also a member of the AENOR Technical Committee for Standardization in e-Learning (CTN71 / SC36).

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