«Online fieldwork: Opportunities for fieldwork at a distance»




Trevor Collins


A positive outcome from the coronavirus pandemic has been a renewed interest in and acceptance of e-learning. Not by choice, but through necessity, educators have adopted online forms of teaching and learning to complete ongoing courses. Field-based disciplines have been transformed during the pandemic as field courses have been replaced by virtual, online, or alternate forms of provision. As we return to the field, this presentation will discuss what forms of online or blended approaches to fieldwork might be sustained, and the opportunities these provide for flexible and inclusive learning.

(This talk will be in English)



Author's Biography

Trevor Collins



Dr Trevor Collins is a Senior Research Fellow in Technology-Enhanced Learning at The Open University, United Kingdom. Where he is the Deputy Director of the eSTEeM Centre for STEM Pedagogy and a Co-Director of the Children’s Research Centre. He has a background in Computer Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction, and his research explores sociotechnical approaches to developing educational technology that support social learning and inclusive teaching. He is particularly interested in the use of technology to encourage online collaboration and discussion.

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